Watermelon Coloured Ball Chair

Who buys a Ball Chair with a watermelon colour scheme? Ball Chairs or Globe Chairs, are a classic design from 1966 by Eero Aarnio. Classically Ball Chairs are white, silver or a primary colour, so it is not the chair design but the watermelon colour scheme that has raised the question. The colour scheme is complete with a red interior just like a real watermelon, but without the pips.  Décor is another classic excuse, like “gifts”, for buying useless stuff. But what kind of décor would require a watermelon coloured ball chair – vegetable garden? And what colours would you try to match it with – pumpkin, passionfruit or mango? For more strange furniture see Crib Candy’s list of the most uncomfortable seats or the weirdest looking furniture in the world.

Mark photographed this item in a Richmond furniture shop.


3 responses to “Watermelon Coloured Ball Chair

  1. please let me know where can i buy this type of chairs???


  2. catherineandmark

    I saw it in a warehouse in Cremorne St. Richmond. Why do you want to buy this type of chair? Why watermelon? Are you running an up market fruit juice stand?

  3. Absolutely exquisite! I wish it had black buttons to resemble pits! LOVE IT!!! I would buy it in a heartbeat because it’s UNIQUE!

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